Moving and Transport Vehicles

Car2Go’s Moving Vans

Need to transfer equipment? Or maybe move a few things into your new apartment?

At Car2Go, we don’t just have small cars – we also have moving vans.

You can use Car2Go’s commercial vehicles to move your stuff while enjoying all the perks of having a designated parking space making it much easier to load and unload the vehicle.

Join Car2Go and enjoy all that cash you’re going to save by not using a moving company and doing it yourself.

We offer three sizes of Citroen Jumpy and Renault Kangoo.
You can find the vehicles here:
Jerusalem – Kangoo
Tel Aviv – 4 Kangoos and 2 Jumpys.


How much does it cost to rent a Kangoo?

DRIVE Plan – 33 ILS per hr/260 ILS per day
LITE Plan – 35 ILS per hr/280 ILS per day


How much does it cost to rent a Jumpy?

DRIVE Plan – 48 ILS per hr/480 ILS per day
LITE Plan – 50 ILS per hr/500 ILS per day


DIY Transport and Delivery with Car2Go

is now available at Ikea Netanya


How much does it cost to rent a IKEA- Kangoo?

₪ 69

Per hour including everything!

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