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You can reserve ahead of time or last minute
We have type vehicles
Renault Kangoos
with roof racks
technical specifications

Vehicle specifications

Renault Kangoo

Technical Specifications

Engine Capacity (cc): 1,197
Engine Type: 1.2 Liters, gasoline
Transmission: Automatic/6-speed
Maximum Speed (km/h): 172


Length (mm): 4,282
Width (mm): 2,138
Height (mm): 1,801
Ground Clearance (mm): 2,697
Cargo Capacity (not folded): 660 liter

Fuel Economy (liter per 100 km)

City: 7.9
Highway: 5.5
Combined: 6.4

per hour including everything!
The price includes the reservation time, fuel, insurance, kilometers traveled and cleaning fees.
The service at IKEA Netanya operates in the "Round - trip" Plan,On this plan, each vehicle has its own dedicated parking spot. Just take a vehicle from its designated parking spot and return it to the same spot when you’re done!
The minimum reservation is 1 hour. Each subsequent 15-minute period is 17.25 ILS. Register now and reserve a car.
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