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Tel Aviv

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do i join CAR2GO ?
  • Who can join CAR2GO?
  • Who pays for fuel?
  • How do i reserve a car?

Reserving a car

  • Do i have to book a car in advance?
  • Will there always be a car available when i want one?
  • How do i get into the car?
  • Can i cancel a reservation?
  • Can i extend a reservation?

Our cars

  • Where are the cars located?
  • What types of cars does CAR2GO have in service?
  • Are there child seats or boosters in the car?
  • Are the cars Manual or automatic?
  • Are there bike rack's on the cars?

Costs, insurance, and deductibles

  • How much does it cost to take a car
  • How can i make payments?
  • Am i insured?
  • What about Highway 6 and Pango?
  • I lost my card, what do i do?

Policies and Procedures

  • What happens if i bring the car back late?
  • What happens if i get a parking or police ticket?
  • Can someone who is not a member drive the car?
  • Can i smoke in the cars?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • What happens if i am in an accident or damage the car?

Joining the service

  • Do i have to register online?
  • How old do i need to be to join the service?
  • Can my family members use my card?