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Starting at 14 NIS an hour

How frequently do you plan on driving?
Once a week, or more
At most one trip a month

What’s Included?


Fuel's on us. Free refueling at Sonol gas stations.


Just in case, you're insured (knock on wood).


Reserved parking for every car, even right at your doorstep.
Pricelist refers to BASIC models
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Weekend and Holiday Addition
4 NIS per hour / 40 NIS per day
Returned Early?
50% discount for the unused time
50% Discount
Between 23:00 and 07:00
Registration Fees
145 NIS (one-time fee)

CAR2GO is a CARSHARING service

When you use a carsharing service, that is, when you share a car with more people, you are using a green method of transportation and are helping the environment.

So how exactly?
Anyone over 21, with a driver’s license for at least two years, and no severe driving offense. Please note: anyone between the ages of 21-24 need to pay an additional monthly fee to be covered by our insurance.
It's easy! All you need to do is click this link to register online and wait for a customer service representative to contact you and give you a short explanation about our services to make sure you understand 100%. Once you are done with the registration you can either come to our office to pick up the smart card (which acts as a key to all of our cars) or we can send it to you in the mail.
You can order our cars through our website (see above user login) which works also on smartphones or you can call the customer service at: 1700-706-700. Please note, an order/changing an order through customer service involves a fee of 5₪.
We do! All you need to do when you want to fill the tank is to go to a Sonol gas station. All of our cars have a smart chip installed so Sonol knows that gas is on us. Filled up a full tank? You get credit for half an hour to be used the next month. Remember: You must return the car with at least a quarter tank.
Nope. Every car has its saved spot in the city, and so when you take a car from a specific parking spot you have to return it to that same spot.
Just let us know that the card is lost/stolen/dog ate it, and we will make you a new smart card for a fee of 45₪.
Our cars can be reserved by hour or by day. We recommend getting in touch with one of our customer service representatives so they can explain to you in depth about the difference between our membership plans and what would work the best for how often you as a customer drive. To view our different plans click here.
Payment is made directly to your credit card. The customer should also be the one whose credit card is registered with us. Do your parents want to pay? No problem, they just need to sign a letter of guarantee.
Here’s how it works: all of our cars are insured. In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, the client that was in possession of the car when the accident happened will be charged for the damage up to the amount of the deductible, depending on the type of car and the regulations. BUT: You can join a program to cancel the deductible, then, if, God forbid, there was an accident or damage to the vehicle, you won’t be charged the deductible by the insurance company. Cool, right? And it doesn’t even cost that much. Additional information in the contract.
Highway 6 tolls and parking charges (all members receive an automatic Pango membership), are made today without a service fee, and are charged directly to the members account.
Please, please- we beg of you- don’t! It significantly lowers the quality of service we can give to our customers. If you see that you might be late, let us know and we’ll check if you can extend the time of your order (as long as the car isn’t reserved for another customer at that time). It’s important to note: because being late extremely lowers the quality of our service- there is a late fee.
If you received a traffic ticket, we can only feel sorry for you. That ticket is charged to you and that means it’s your- and only your- responsibility, no matter how annoying that is. If the traffic ticket arrives at our office, we pay the ticket using your information and name. If you received a parking ticket- the ticket is put on the windshield and it’s your responsibility to pay it. But don’t forget, as a customer you have a Pango account, so there is no need to complicate things.
Absolutely not! There is no insurance for someone who isn’t a member.
Did you really need to ask this? Of course you can’t smoke in our cars. And if you do you will be fined. And it’s so unhealthy that we don’t know why you would want to do that even outside of our car.
We get that Fido and Mitzi also have lives, and sometimes they need to go to the vet or on a hike. Unfortunately though, some of our members are allergic to animals, so even though we really do love all types of animals, it’s forbidden to bring them in our cars.
First of all- take a deep breath. Any accident or problem with the car, call our service center as soon as possible and we will tell you exactly what to do in any situation.
Lots of types! We have our “basic” cars like the Nissan Micra and the Hyundai I-10, cool cars like the mini Cooper, and family cars and larger cars like the Honda Insight Hybrid and the Mitsubishi Attrage, as well as commercial vehicles (if you need to move a sofa or fridge) like the Renault Traffic and Kangoo. To view our cars, click here.
The cars are in various parking lots in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, and Givatayim. Also at the HaShalom, Central Tel Aviv and Central Herzaliya train stations. To a map of our cars, click here.
Is there a car seat or booster seat in the car?
Our cars are automatic except for the large vans which are manual.
Unfortunately no, there are no bike racks.
You can register for the service online via computer or come to our offices on 1 Carlebach Street in Tel Aviv.
If you are 21 or older with at least two years driving experience - you are welcome to join! Please note: anyone between the ages of 21-24 need to pay an additional monthly fee to be covered by our insurance.
Sorry, no. The card is personal and not transferable. Otherwise, the insurance would not cover the driver and you do not want to drive without insurance. You can however add a family member to your account for a one-time fee, and then the family member will get his own smart card to drive with.
We get this: some new customers worry that there won’t be a car available when they need it. To ensure the car that’s closest to your location is available when you do need it, we recommend booking that specific car as soon as you know you need it. We keep track of the availability of our vehicles and if necessary add a new parking area in order to maintain high availability.
Once you join CAR2GO, you will receive a smart card. The smart card is used as the key to our cars. All you need to do is get to the car in the parking space that you reserved and press the card to the windshield. The car will open immediately and the car keys will be waiting for you inside.
If you tend to plan ahead, you can order a car three months in advance (although it would be a bit odd). If you're spontaneous, you can order a car a few minutes in advance. You can order all day, every day of the week. We recommend you reserve your car as soon as you know you need it, to ensure that it is free.
You can reserve our cars for as long as you need. An hour, five hours, two days or ten days.
If you cancel your reservation more than 6 hours before the start of the reservation – you don’t pay a penny. Cancelled an order less than six hours before the start of a reservation - pay 25% of the reservation. Cancelled an order less than an hour before it starts - pay 50% of the reservation. Cancelled an order after it started - you pay the full amount until the time you cancelled and 50% after the time you cancelled.
We will be happy to extend your reservation. Note that if the car you’re driving was reserved for the time you want to extend for, you will not be able to extend the reservation.