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For each subsequent driver pay just 82 ILS per driver.

Special offers for new members in the Business LITE Plan.


Vehicle Rental
Pick up the vehicleThe car is waiting for you in a designated parking spot right near your office. Use the mobile app to find it.Go to a car rental company.
Start drivingJust put your smartcard on the windshield…and that’s itWaste time waiting in line to get the vehicle each time you need it.
Availability24/7According to the branch’s hours of operation
Plan your driveSpontaneousRequires planning ahead
PricesPay only for the trips you takePay per day
Fuel and ParkingIncluded in the priceNot included
Finishing your tripKeep track of your employees’ trips with a detailed reportKeep track of your employees’ trips with a detailed report

Totally worth it

The following price list is according to the registration benefits as detailed below.

Round Trip

On this plan, each vehicle has its own dedicated parking spot. Just take a vehicle from its designated parking spot and return it to the same spot when you’re done. Prices are calculated by the hour + the distance traveled. You can also reserve the car for the whole day if you like – it’s cheaper!
  • Monthly membership fee
    50 ILS
  • Price per hour
    16* ILS
  • Price per kilometer (first 50)
    1.7 ILS
  • Price per kilometer (after the first 50)
    0.85 ILS


In the One-Way plan, you take the vehicle from one designated parking spot and return it to any other designated parking spot in the city. Payment is calculated by the minute.
  • Monthly membership fee
    50 ILS
  • Per minute price all day
    1.03 ILS

*Price per day 144 ILS

Weekends – additional 4 ILS per hour | 40 ILS per day

For basic vehicles only | valid until 31.12.19
The price displayed is for the Business LITE and before VAT.
Additional plans can be found in the full price list.

Meet the innovative and money-saving solution for your business

It’s worth it

Pay just for the trips you take. Fuel, insurance and cleaning costs are on us.


,Reserve a car through our website, mobile app or by phone with one of our customer service representatives.

Available and Convenient

We have vehicles available 24/7 with designated parking spots right near your offices. You no longer need to spend time and energy maintaining a fleet of vehicles and everything that entails.


Tel Aviv

Round trip without waiting
Rate 1

Round Trip

Tel Aviv - Raanana41 km₪252₪11847%
Tel Aviv - Haifa183 km₪860₪24629%
Tel Aviv - Ramat Aviv7.5 km₪122₪6150%
Tel Aviv - Rishon L'Tzion34 km₪186₪10657%
Tel aviv - Herzeliya27 km₪182₪9452%
Tel Aviv - Airport city50 km₪262₪13351%
Tel Aviv - Holon21 km₪152₪8455%


Round trip without waiting
Rate 1

Round Trip

Kiryat Haim - Check Post10 minutes₪44 ILS₪11 ILS25%
Matam - Sefer square15 minutes₪52 ILS₪16 ILS31%
Train station Center Hashmona - Government Compounds5 minutes₪36 ILS₪6 ILS17%
Train station Hof Hacarmel - Ahuza14 minutes₪52 ILS₪15 ILS29%
Carmel city center - Haifa downtown15 minutes₪39 ILS₪16 ILS41%


Round trip without waiting
Rate 1

Round Trip

Koresh - Hadassah medical center22 km₪136 ILS₪86 ILS63%
Safra square - Malha17 km₪102 ILS₪77 ILS75%
Jerusalem - Modiin80 km₪390 ILS₪159 ILS41%
Jerusalem - Bet Shemesh82 km₪318 ILS₪160 ILS50%
Jerusalem - Maale Adummim43 km₪168 ILS₪122 ILS73%

Rishon L'Tzion

Round trip without waiting
Rate 1

Round Trip

Rishon L'Tzion - Rehovot20 km₪158 ILS₪82 ILS52%
Rishon L'Tzion - Ashdod54 km₪252 ILS₪109 ILS43%
Rishon L'Tzion - Tel Aviv36 km₪186 ILS₪109 ILS59%
Rishon L'Tzion - Holon15 km₪106 ILS₪74 ILS70%
Rishon L'Tzion - Ashkelon88 km₪476 ILS₪165 ILS35%

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