Frequently Asked Questions

  • | Signing up for the service
    All you need to do is click this link, sign up online and wait for authorization by our customer service center. Once you receive authorization, we’ll send you a smart card by mail that will, along with our app, give you access to all of the Car2Go vehicles.
    Yes. But if you have any trouble at all, you can call us at any time. Just dial *8255, extension 2. We’re here to help.
    Anyone age 21 and over who has held a drivers license for at least 2 years and without any serious driving offenses. Note that drivers aged 21-24 who join our service must pay an additional 80 ILS per month for new driver insurance.
    At any time, you can cancel or freeze your subscription to our service. You can contact us through our website or by phone at *8255.
    Look for your city page on our website. There you can find all the information you need about the Car2Go plans available in your city including rates, vehicle types and more. And of course, we’re always here at *8255.
    Payments are made directly by credit card. All members must also have a credit card registered in their name. If your parents are paying for your membership, they’ll need to sign a guarantee.
  • | Reserving a vehicle
    There are a number of simple ways to reserve one of our vehicles. To reserve a Round Trip car you can go on our website (click Member Login at the top) or call our customer service representatives at *8255. To reserve a OneWay vehicle, use our app.
    We offer Special Needs car service delivery via phone. The minimum rental period is for one hour; after the first hour, payment will be charged on a quarterly basis. The car can be collected from the company's offices at 1 Carlebach Street, Tel Aviv (subject to availability), and at the end of its use must be returned to the same address. For a service price list and the regulations for use of Special Needs cars, click here.
    Through the app ? In addition, you’ll also receive a smart card. The smart card is actually a key, and is used as backup in case of low service or low battery. To open the vehicle with the card, place the card near the windshield.
    It depends on the plan. With the RoundTrip plan, if you’re not a big fan of surprises you can reserve even a year in advance. If you’re a little more on the spontaneous side, you can reserve even a few minutes before you want the car. You can reserve a vehicle any time, day or night and every day of the week. We recommend that you reserve the vehicle as soon as you know that you’ll need it in order to make sure the car you want is available. With the OneWay plan, you can reserve a vehicle free of charge for 15 minutes prior to the planned departure. You can also extend the reservation by an additional 15 minutes for a small fee.
    Our RoundTrip vehicles can be reserved for any period of time you’d like. An hour, five hours, two days or even 10. Payment is according to the plan and program you’re signed up for.
    With the RoundTrip model, cancellation more than 6 hours prior to the start of the reservation is free of charge. If you cancel between 6 hours and 1 hour before the start of your reservation, you’ll pay 25% of the cost of the reservation. If you cancel less than one hour prior to the start of the reservation, you’ll pay 50% of the cost of the reservation. With the OneWay model, you have 5 ride cancellations per year free of charge – from the 6th cancellation on, you’ll pay a 5 ILS cancellation fee.
    In the event that your reservation has already begun and you’d like to cancel, you’ll be charged a minimum of one hour of reservation + 50% of the remaining hours of the reservation. For example: if you reserve the Mini Cooper from 17:00-22:00 and at 17:30 you decide to cancel the reservation, you’ll pay for one whole hour (i.e. from 17:00-18:00 and then you’ll be charged for 50% of the remaining time (i.e. from 18:00-22:00).
    You can extend an active reservation at any time as long as the vehicle has not been reserved by another member. Extending your reservation is free of charge and can be done on our website or through one of our customer service representatives at *8255, 24/7.
    If you think you won’t make it back in time to return the vehicle within your reservation window, all you have to do is extend your reservation. If you have any trouble, just call our customer service representatives at *8255 and they’ll be happy to help find a solution.
  • | Our Vehicles
    There are all kinds! We have “mini” cars like the Nissan Micra and Hyundai i10, we have “cool” cars like Smart cars and MiniCoopers, we have family vehicles and executive cars like the Hyundai i25 and the Kia Rio and we have electric vehicles like the Renault Zoe. We also have moving vans (if you need to move a couch or a fridge, for example) like the Renault Kangoo and the Citroen Jumpy.
    The RoundTrip vehicles are located all over our area of operations in designated parking spaces. You can find them by selecting your city on our website and viewing your city map. You can find the location of the OneWay cars in the app.
    All our vehicles are registered for all of the services. You will be charged the cost of the service you use and you’ll see the charge on your monthly bill up to a month and a half after using the service.
    Yes. A large portion of our vehicles have booster seats for your little ones. For more information, click here. Unfortunately we don’t yet have baby seats.
    Most of our vehicles have both plugs. We recommend you check on the reservation page or through our customer service representatives. Remember – there are plugs but no cables.
  • | Policies, Insurance and Rules
    All of our vehicles are insured. In the event of a motor vehicle accident or damage to the vehicle, the customer using the vehicle during the accident will be charged the extent of the deductible as subject to the type of vehicle and policy. You can sign up for Collision Damage Waiver Insurance: and then, in the event of damage to the vehicle, you will not be responsible for paying a deductible.
    According to Art. 8.5 of the Contract Agreement, for any damage found after the car is returned when no prior notice of the damage has been given, the last subscriber having used the car shall be considered liable for the damage, unless he reported the condition of the car upon completion of the car's rental period by uploading photos of the car to the app. Therefore, to avoid liability for damage caused after the end of the rental period and after you have returned the car, you must report the condition of the car to the app at the end of the rental by uploading photos of the car.
    Just let us know and we’ll send you a new card. The service costs 45 ILS.
    In the event that you finished using the vehicle before your reservation is up (half an hour or more) just press on the X button located to the left of the steering wheel. This will refund you 50% of the remaining time on your reservation. Press the button only once the vehicle is in the designated parking spot and when the engine is off. You can shorten your reservation through our website as well or through our customer service representatives by phone at *8255.
    If you received a police report, we can only be sorry for you. The report is registered to your name, and you are obliged to handle it yourself, annoying as that might be. When a police report arrives at our office, we assign the report and the fine to the name of the customer. In the case of parking reports – the report is placed on the window, and you are obliged to pay it. Our vehicles are subscribed to Pango, and you may use the (paid) service through the Pango app, or by calling our customer service hotline.
    Smoking is not allowed in any of our vehicles and will result in a fine.
    Unfortunately some of our customers are allergic to animals, so even though we love them too, animals are not allowed in our vehicles.
    Don’t panic! Just call our customer service center 24/7 at *8255 and report it. Our customer service representatives will guide you through the process, one step at a time.
    Try to return the vehicle on time. A delay in returning the vehicle seriously affects the quality of the service for all our members. In the event that you think you might be late returning the vehicle, try to extend your reservation through our website or call our customer service center 24/7 at *8255. In the event that the vehicle is not returned by the reservation end time, the system will automatically charge your account 75 ILS + 1 ILS for every minute past the reservation you return the car.
    Call our customer service center at *8255 and report the damage before you start the car and begin driving. After you finish reporting the damage, you’ll receive an authorization number you can write on the damage report page in the binder. In the OneWay plan, damage reports can be made via the app.
    You can report this to our customer service center 24/7 at *8255 and send a photo of the gas tank so we can contact the previous driver. All our vehicles have Sonol refueling chips built right into the tank. You can refuel at any Sonol gas station and every time you fill up you’ll get a 10 ILS credit that you’ll receive within a month and a half from the date you fill the tank.
    If another vehicle has occupied your parking space during your trip or when you come to return the vehicle, just call our customer service center at *8255. Our representatives will tell you exactly what to do.
    Your monthly bill will be sent to you once a month (by the 10th of each month). The bill will be sent via email with a password and the password for your bill is your teudat zehut ID number.
  • | Problems
    Try to reset your password by clicking “I forgot my password”. In the event that you don’t receive an email from us, you can call our customer service representatives at *8255 and they’ll be happy to assist.
    If you can’t extend your reservation, someone likely reserved the car right after you. Next time, we recommend that you reserve a little extra cushion time of 15 minutes or more in order to make sure you don’t have to rush back.
    When you enter the vehicle you have 3 minutes to start the ignition. In the event that you don’t start the vehicle in that window, lock the vehicle using your smart card and then reopen it. Then start the ignition immediately. Make sure the car is in P (park), the steering wheel isn’t locked and you have your foot on the brakes. In the event that the car still doesn’t start, please contact our customer service representatives by phone at *8255.
    No worries. It indicates that there’s an imbalance in tire pressure between the four tires. First, make sure that you don’t have a flat in one of the tires. In the event that you don’t have a flat, one of the tires might be missing some air. You can fill up the air for free at any gas station. In the event that the light is still on, call our customer service center at *8255.
    Stop the car and report it immediately to our customer service center by calling *8255. If the light is an exclamation point in parentheses (!) it may be an indication that the hand break is not all the way down.
    First, make sure you’re trying to open the right car in the right parking spot. If it’s the right vehicle and matches your reservation details, just contact our customer service center at *8255 and we’ll help you solve the problem.
    First, report it immediately to our customer service center and wait for instructions. If you get a flat tire during your trip, it is your responsibility to fix it. You can switch the tire with the spare in the vehicle and take the punctured tire to the closest shop to have it repaired.
  • | Other questions you might want to ask…
    All our vehicles, except of course for the electric ones, have Sonol refueling chips built into the tank. All you have to do is go to any Sonol gas station and refuel, free of charge. Get this: If you fill the tank all the way, you’ll get 10 ILS that you can use on any of our RoundTrip vehicles the next month.
    With our RoundTrip cars (the ones with the red wave sticker) you must return the vehicle to where you took it from. Each of the vehicles in this plan have designated parking spots. The OneWay vehicles (with the blue wave sticker) can be taken from any designated parking spot and returned to any other designated parking spots in the app
    Yep. Vehicle reservations must be at least an hour long.
    Sorry, no. Your smartcard is yours alone and is non-transferrable. The insurance does not cover any other drivers and you don’t want to drive without insurance, do you? But what you can do is add any first degree relative to your subscription for a one-time fee and they’ll get their very own smart card.
    There are two ways to add another driver: either call our customer service center at *8255 and our customer service representatives will help you register another driver, or send a request through our Additional Driver interface.
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