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Cooperative Car Service
The first and largest in Israel

The vehicle will be waiting for you 24/7 in the car park underneath
Home, fueled, insured, clean and ready for travel.
Just order online and return it to her
The parking from it is taken. Cozy, comfortable and elegant.
CAR2GO in Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim including
About 240 vehicles

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One-Time Joining Benefit!
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How much does it cost?

The fare for this model is calculated from the time you have the vehicle + the km you have traveled

Pricelist “Round-Trip”

Monthly subscription fee50 ₪
Price per hour17 ₪*
Price per km (in the first 50)2 ₪
Price per km (after the first 50)1 ₪
Price per day ** (distance charge isn’t included)160 ₪
Weekend supplement₪ 4 per hour | 40 ₪ per day

The price shown is for “DRIVE” track. More tracks can be found at the full price list
* The hourly rate is for basic vehicles only
** Calculation of rental hours per day should not exceed daily rental cost, ie – the maximum rental cost is for
Rent on a given day, regardless of rental hours

Our cars in Rishon Letzion

Nissan Micra

18 ILS Per hour Nissan Micra


Vehicle specifications

Nissan Micra

Technical Specifications

Engine Capacity (cc): 1,198
Engine Type: 1.2 Liters, gasoline
Transmission: Automatic/6-speed
Maximum Speed (km/h): 170


Length (mm): 3,825
Width (mm): 1,665
Height (mm): 1,510
Ground Clearance (mm): 2,450
Cargo Capacity (not folded): 265 liter

Fuel Economy (liter per 100 km)

City: 6.1
Highway: 4.3
Combined: 5.0

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The red model out of town
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Haifa | Netanya
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