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Our vehicles are waiting 24/7 for you in designated parking spaces right near by. They're gassed-up, clean and ready to go when you are. It’s simple – just reserve online and return the vehicle to the same designated parking space when you're done. Easy, convenient and hassle-free.

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So how much does it cost?

The price of each trip in this plan is calculated by the length of the reservation and the distance traveled.

Monthly membership fee50 ILS
Price per hour17 ILS*
Price per km (for the first 50)2 ILS
Price per km (after the first 50)1 ILS
Price per day**160 ILS*
Additional weekend fees4 ILS/hr, 40 ILS/day

The price that appears above is for the “DRIVE” plan. Other plans can be found in the full price list.

*The hourly rate is for Basic vehicles only

**The hourly rate calculation will not surpass the daily rate, meaning that the daily rental rate is the maximum rate for vehicle rental in a given day, no matter how many hours it was rented.


CAR2GO in Rishon L’Tzion

Car2Go has 30 vehicles all over Rishon that operate on the Round Trip plan, great for longer trips within the city or from Rishon to another city. Take the car from its designated parking spot and just bring it back to the same spot when you’re done. Payment is calculated by the hour (in 15 minute increments) and by the distance traveled. You can also reserve the car for the whole day if you like. In Rishon, all of our vehicles have municipal parking passes so you can park for free in any blue and white parking spots throughout the city in accordance with local parking ordinances.

Our Cars In Rishon L’Tzion

Hyundai - I25

Hyundai - I25

Vehicle specifications

Hyundai - I25

Technical Specifications

Engine Capacity (cc): 1,591
Engine Type: 1.6 Liters, gasoline
Transmission: Automatic/4+1
Maximum Speed (km/h): 185


Length (mm): 4,370
Width (mm): 1,700
Height (mm): 1,457
Ground Clearance (mm): 2,570
Cargo Capacity (not folded): 465 liter

Fuel Economy (liter per 100 km)

City: 8.6
Highway: 5.1
Combined: 6.4

23 ILS Per hour


Renault Kangoo

Renault Kangoo

Vehicle specifications

Renault Kangoo

Technical Specifications

Engine Capacity (cc): 1,197
Engine Type: 1.2 Liters, gasoline
Transmission: Automatic/6-speed
Maximum Speed (km/h): 172


Length (mm): 4,282
Width (mm): 2,138
Height (mm): 1,801
Ground Clearance (mm): 2,697
Cargo Capacity (not folded): 660 liter

Fuel Economy (liter per 100 km)

City: 7.9
Highway: 5.5
Combined: 6.4

33 ILS Per hour


Nissan Micra

Nissan Micra

Vehicle specifications

Nissan Micra

Technical Specifications

Engine Capacity (cc): 1,198
Engine Type: 1.2 Liters, gasoline
Transmission: Automatic/6-speed
Maximum Speed (km/h): 170


Length (mm): 3,825
Width (mm): 1,665
Height (mm): 1,510
Ground Clearance (mm): 2,450
Cargo Capacity (not folded): 265 liter

Fuel Economy (liter per 100 km)

City: 6.1
Highway: 4.3
Combined: 5.0

18 ILS Per hour


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Pick the type of car you need and the amount of time you’ll need it and enjoy our designated parking spots throughout the city.


Our vehicles are waiting for you in designated parking spots throughout the city 24/7. Just reserve one online, hop in and drive.


On average, each of our cars serves 20 drivers. That’s 20 fewer cars on the road and much more cleaner air.

Time Saving

When you use Car2Go instead of owning your own car, you save time you would have spent on repairs, vehicle tests, searching for parking and more.

Money Saving

When you choose Car2Go instead of owning your own car, you only pay when you use it, saving you thousands of shekels per year.

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