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Car2Go Booster Seats

Now, some Car2Go vehicles are equipped with booster safety seats allowing you to take your kids in the car without having to bring a booster from home.

(The boosters were placed in the trunk of the vehicles, in all our cities of operation (except for the transport vehicles

There’s one booster seat in each vehicle.

Car2Go can’t guarantee that the booster seat will be available. We’ve added these boosters to help out our community of drivers and we trust our drivers to use them properly.

We check the booster status in our cars periodically and make sure that all is well and add booster seats when necessary.

Car2Go is not responsible for improper use of booster seats or the safety of children traveling in the Car2Go vehicles. Child safety is the sole responsibility of the child’s parents/driver.


The B’Terem Organization’s Instructions for Proper Use of a Booster Seat


The law requires every passenger in a motor vehicle to sit securely in a safety seat, booster or with a seat belt according to body size. Proper use of a safety seat reduces the chance of death and serious injury to children in the event of a motor vehicle accident by 70%.

It is important to know that proper use of a booster seat requires that it be appropriate for the child’s body size.

Booster safety seats are intended for children over 18 kg up to a height of 145 cm. Children who are over 18 kg and up to a height of 145 cm must sit in a booster safety seat and be secured with the vehicle’s a 3-point safety belt.


When should you switch from a safety seat to a booster seat?

When the child weighs more than 18 kg.

When the child’s shoulders are higher than the exit point of the straps of the safety seat.

When the child’s ears are higher than the back of the safety seat.


Why do we need a booster in addition to the safety belt?


The safety belt serves an important role in protecting your child in the event of a motor vehicle accident, however it was designed for adults and is not fit to protect children under a height of 145 cm. Until your child reaches that height, they must ride in a vehicle while seated on a booster seat and secured with the vehicle’s safety belt.

The role of the booster is to adjust the vehicle safety belt to your child, thereby protecting the child from serious injury in the event of a motor vehicle accident. Many children have suffered severe internal injuries as a result of being secured with safety belt without a booster seat when the safety belt sat at the height of their abdomen and not at hip level as it is intended.


Recommendations for use of booster seat:

The child must be secured with a lap and shoulder belt while sitting on the booster seat.

Ensure that the lap belt is located at hip level and not across the abdomen.

Ensure that the shoulder belt reaches over the shoulder and lies flat across the center of the chest.

Under no circumstances may a child sit with the shoulder component of the safety belt behind their back or under their underarm.

Ensure that the child sits upright on the booster seat with the safety belt tight across their body.

In the event that there is no headrest on the chair where the child is sitting, it is best to use a booster with a backrest.

The B’terem Organization for child safety recommends seating children in a booster seat with a backrest in the following circumstances: when transferring children from a safety seat to a booster, it is recommended to transfer them to a booster with a backrest when the safety belt sits close to their neck as the child will often pass the safety belt behind their back or under their underarm, which can endanger them. A booster with a backrest also allows the safety belt to sit in the correct position (on the shoulder) and not close to the neck.

The child can be transferred to the booster without a backrest when the child is capable of sitting upright for the entire length of the trip and the safety belt sits in the middle of their chest (typically children at least 125 cm tall and over the age of 7).

We wish you a safe and pleasant ride with your children!

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