CAR2GO is a community of thousands of drivers who share a collective vehicle. We’re a community that gives you a smart alternative to owning a private car, without compromising comfort, flexibility and freedom.

Our community is made up of people who understand that carsharing is the way to go. People who understand that owning a car is a serious headache and a pain in the tuchus: servicing, insurance, annual test, endless search for parking, keeping it clean, and the list just goes on.

Our concept is simple – with CAR2GO you can have a car to drive, whenever you wish. Need to go to a wedding? Take a ride to the beach? Go furniture hunting at IKEA? Need to get to a meeting? No problem.

So wait, what’s the catch? There is none. With CAR2GO there’s really no catch whatsoever.

A car will wait for you near your house, fueled, insured and ready to go. You can order a car a month in advance, or five minutes before you want to get going. It opens with a smart card (ultra-cool, just swipe the smart card and the door unlocks), you get in, drive to wherever you need to go, and then return it to your reserved parking space. Hassle-free, comfortable and stylish.

Sounds good?

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05.06.17 | Israel Today

Carsharing, now available whenever and to whomever

Instead of owning a car, paying insurance, licensing fees and checkups, the service allows you to rent a car for a couple of hours. The car you pick up from tens of reserved parking spots all over Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Raanana, and the payment is based on the hours and kilometers you used. Read More

20.03.17 | Globus

Is Israeli society built for a sharing economy?

In the field of transportation there are a couple of sharing economy projects that are well known. Gil Laser the CEO of CAR2GO tell us more. Read More

07.03.17 | Ynet

New offices on Carlebach Street

The move of CAR2GO to new offices on Carlebach Street in central Tel Aviv and their massive design project. Read More

26.12.16 | Globus

Sharing economy revolution in Israel

The CEO of CAR2GO: “Parking spaces are the most expensive real estate in the city” a moment before the project of renting cars on bases of minutes, the CEO of CAR2GO expects this to be the year of the upheaval in the field. Read More

Gil Laser


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1 Carlebach Street, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

How to find us:

Public Transportation:
Line 63 Ramat Gan – Tel Aviv
Line 38 Givatayim – Tel Aviv
Line 50 Petah Tikva – Tel Aviv

Parking Lots:

Achuzat Chof Garage on Tsiklag St.