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Car rental with CAR2GO The first and leading cooperative car service in Israel.

Owning your own car is a mess of hassle and expenses – from registration fees and insurance, to repairs and gas. So join our community and see how we do it better.

How does it work?


it takes just five minutes to become part of our community of thousands of drivers who enjoy our car sharing service while saving time and money.


Our vehicles can be found in designated parking spots throughout the city. Just go on our website or open our app 24/7 and choose the vehicle you want from our vehicle map.


Unlock the vehicle using the app or your smartcard. The keys will be waiting for you inside. When you’re done with your trip, just put the car back in its designated parking spot (in accordance with the vehicle plan in your city).

Nice to meet you!



Pick the type of car you need and the amount of time you’ll need it and enjoy our designated parking spots throughout the city.


Our vehicles are waiting for you in designated parking spots throughout the city 24/7. Just reserve one online, hop in and drive.


On average, each of our cars serves 20 drivers. That’s 20 fewer cars on the road and much more cleaner air.

Time Saving

When you use Car2Go instead of owning your own car, you save time you would have spent on repairs, vehicle tests, searching for parking and more.

Money Saving

When you choose Car2Go instead of owning your own car, you only pay when you use it, saving you thousands of shekels per year.

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